Proudly serving our local tennis community since 1890.


The New Westminster Tennis Club has a history that spans three centuries. Originally established in 1890 at the corner of Carnarvon and Blackwood Street, the club consisted of a small number of members playing tennis on grass courts. Originally founded by FJ Coulthard and LA Lewis, the club’s first official record is a photograph taken of the club and its members in 1897.

In 1901 the club made a move to its current location, Tipperary Park at 3rd Street and Royal Avenue. There it consisted of a modest club house and 3 clay courts. The courts and club house remained essentially unchanged until 1982, when a core group of members contributed their own money to replace the clay courts with 4 hard courts. Four years later, in 1986, the club house was renovated, and two years later, in 1988, lights were added to the courts.

1996 brought upon the building of a brand new club house to replace the original club house that was build nearly 100 years before. As a result, today, the club consists of a wonderful club house, four hard courts that are lit at night, a great membership base and of course a rich and long history.

The club’s mailing address is 160-720 Sixth St., New Westminster, BC V3L 3C5.